Whitchurch and Ganarew Neighbourhood Plan


The Old Court, Whitchurch


The Old Court, Whitchurch

The Project Plan: Stage 1

Commenced early 2014 then suspended in order to complete Parish Plan.  Continued from October 2014 to December 2014.  Groundwork completed.

  • Parish Council made decision to carry out a Neighbourhood Plan (NP).

  • The NP area was registered with Herefordshire Council and subsequently designated.

  • A grant application was made to the Community Fund and £4,900 was awarded.

  • A decision was made to complete a Parish Plan that was being developed, before progressing with the NP.

  • The PP was completed in October 2014 and work has now recommenced on the NP.

  • The NP Steering Group is in place and it will confirm its constitution and terms of reference in December 2014.

  • A logo for the NP activity has been designed and work has commenced on a dedicated website. The website opened during December 2014.

  • Hold further consultations with Herefordshire Council’s Planning Support Officer.

  • Hold initial consultations with an independent Planning Advisor.

  • The draft programme for the NP was confirmed by the steering group in December 2014.
This stage is now complete.


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