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The Steering Group: Minutes

In this section you can view the draft minutes from past Steering Group meetings. Please click on the year to see the relevant minutes.

Meeting Date Minutes
5th March 2018 march2018minutesnplan.pdf
12th February 2018 february2018minutesnplan.pdf
24th January 2018 january2018nplan3.pdf
17th January 2018 january2018minutesnp2.pdf
5th January 2018 180105_minutes (1).pdf
Meeting Date Minutes
18th December 2017 december2017minutesnp.pdf
15th November 2017 november2017nplanminutes3.pdf
10th November 2017 november2017minutesnplan2.pdf
1st November 2017 november2017minutesnplan.pdf
18th October 2017 october2017minutesnplan2.pdf
10th October 2017 minutesoctober2017nplan.pdf
12th September 2017 september2017minutesnplan.pdf
29th August 2017 august2017minutesnplan2.pdf
14th August 2017 august2017minuteswgnp.pdf
12th July 2017 july2017minutesnp.pdf
28th June 2017 june2017minutesnplan2.pdf
7th June 2017 june2017minutesnplan.pdf
17th May 2017 minute2snplanmay2017.pdf
8th May 2017 minutesmay2017nplan.pdf
26th April 2017 april2017nplanminutes2.pdf
10th April 2017 april2017planningmtg.pdf
16th March 2017 march2017nplansg.pdf
6th February 2017 february2017minutesnp1.pdf
25th January 2017 minutesjanuary2017wgnp3.pdf
12th January 2017 january2017minutes2np.pdf
3rd January 2017 january2017minutesnp1.pdf
Meeting Date Minutes
3rd November 2016 november2016minuteswgnp.pdf
5th September 2016 minutessept2016np1.pdf
16th August 2016 august16minutesnp2.pdf
2nd August 2016 august2016minutesnp1.pdf
18th July 2016 july2016minutesnp2.pdf
11th July 2016 july2016minutesnp1.pdf
27th June 2016 june2016minutesnp.pdf
23rd May 2016 may16wgnpminutes.pdf
29th April 2016 april2016minutes.pdf
18th April 2016 nplanapril16minutes2.pdf
14th March 2016 march16wgnpminutes.pdf
29th February 2016 feb16np3.pdf
15th February 2016 feb2016minutes2np.pdf
1st February 2016 feb2016minuteswgsg.pdf
6th January 2016 jan2016minuteswgnp.pdf
Meeting Date Minutes
11th November 2015 151111_NP Minutes.pdf
29th October 2015 october2015minuteswgnp.pdf
9th September 2015 150909_NP Minutes.pdf
17th August 2015 npaugust2015minutes.pdf
21st July 2015 july2015minutes.pdf
21st May 2015 may2015minutes.pdf
13th April 2015 april2015minutes.pdf
23rd March 2015 NPSG 26.03.15.pdf
9th March 2015 NPSG 09.03.15.pdf
26th January 2015 NPSG 26.01.15.pdf
12th January 2015 NPSG 12.01.15.pdf
Meeting Date Minutes
15th December 2014 NPSG 15.12.14.pdf
1st December 2014 NPSG 01.12.14.pdf


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