Whitchurch and Ganarew Neighbourhood Plan


Consultation Record


Public Consultation, 14th - 15th May 2016


General Information


Neighbourhood Plan: Themes at a glance
Consultation General Info 1
Neighbourhood Plans in England:
Consultation General Info 2
Neighbourhood Plans in Herefordshire: Cans and Can'ts
Consultation General Info 3


Neighbourhood Development Plans in Herefordshire
Consultation General Info 4
Neighbourhood Planning: Key Stages
Consultation General Info 4




Board 1: Housing to 2031
Consultation Housing 1
Board 2, Chart 1: Types of homes already in parish
Consultation Housing 2
Board 2, Chart 2: Property size by number of bedrooms
Consultation Housing 3


Board 3: Rural Housing Strategies
Consultation Housing 4
Board 4: Settlements
Consultation Housing 5
Board 5, Chart 3: Number of people in households
Consultation Housing 6


Board 6: Proportionate Growth
Consultation Housing 7




Board 1: Extracts from Evidence Base
Consultation Transport 1
Board 2: A40 trunk road, BOATs and other roads
Consultation Transport 2
Board 3: Traffic speeds, Dangerous junctions, pedestrian safety
Consultation Transport 3


Board 4: Maps
Consultation Transport 4
Board 5: Lack of public transport
Consultation Transport 5
Board 6: Rail services
Consultation Transport 6


Heritage and built environment


Heritage Summary Photos 1
Consultation Heritage 1
Heritage Summary Photos 2
Consultation Heritage 2


Natural Environment


Board 1: Our Natural Environment
Consultation Natural Environment 1
Board 2: Our Landscape, Views and Vistas
Consultation Natural Environment 2
Board 3: Biodiversity
Consultation Natural Environment 3


Board 4: Water
Consultation Natural Environment 4
Board 5: Flood Risk and Water Management in our Parish
Consultation Natural Environment 5
Board 6: Our Natural Environment
Consultation Natural Environment 6




Boards 1 and 2: What's available
Consultation Community 1
Board 3: What's not available
Consultation Community 2




Business use of rateable properties bar chart
Consultation Economy 2
Business use of rateable properties pie chart
Consultation Economy 3
Age Analysis Chart
Consultation Economyy 1


Economic Key Stats
Consultation Economyy 4


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